What is an Online Slot?

online slot

Online slot is a game that has been around for a long time. Its basics remain the same as it has ever been, a player places a wager and spins the reels. If a line of matching symbols appears, the player will win.

Casinos make money from online slots by paying a share of the profits to game providers. This is why casinos offer different games from various providers.

Random number generator

The random number generator is the heart of any slot machine. Unlike older mechanical slots that required physical reels, modern slot machines are digitized and use a complex computer chip to pick random numbers for each spin. This process is independent of any other factor, including the player’s actions or a hot or cold streak.

Many myths about online slots are based on misconceptions of how random number generators work. Some players believe that they can manipulate the random sequence to generate certain results. However, this is impossible because online casinos are bound by gambling licenses to promote fair play.


While each online slot is unique, there are some aspects all slots have in common. They all use reels and paylines to determine whether a player has won or lost. Three or five reels used to be the standard, but now you can find slots with any number of rows and columns. They can also have anywhere from one to several hundred ways to win.

When players press “spin,” a random number is selected and the mathematical module in the software finds where those reels should stop. This process emulates the action of an actual physical slot machine. The number of rows or reels does not affect the RTP or volatility.


Symbols in online slot games are unique to each game and can be used to trigger different bonus features. They can be standard symbols, scatters or Wild symbols. Some of these symbols can even act as multipliers in winning combinations.

Traditionally, the main function of regular paying symbols is to form a pay-line, but they can also trigger other types of bonus features. For example, Scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the reels and often require a predetermined number to trigger a bonus game or free spins.

Other special symbols can be sticky, floating, random or expanding. They can also multiply a winning line and increase its payout.


When it comes to online slot games, paylines are one of the most important factors to consider. They determine how likely you are to win and how much money you can expect to make over a long period of time.

However, many players don’t understand how paylines work. They often believe that fewer paylines means lower winning potential, but this is not always true. In fact, the RTP and variance/volatility of a slot game have more influence on your bankroll than the number or orientation of the pay lines.

Bonus rounds

Online slot games often use bonus rounds to give players more chances to win. These extra features can include free spins or bonus in-games that share a theme with the main game. They are designed to break up the repetitive spinning of the reels and provide a surge of excitement and anticipation for players.

In the old, three-reel slots, there was only one payline – the middle row running straight across. Now, online slots can have three or more paylines, extending vertically and diagonally. This can increase your chances of winning and make the game more fun.

Games created by IGT

IGT is one of the leading producers of casino games and online slots. The company is known for its classic slot machines as well as cutting-edge new ones. You can find IGT games at most licensed gambling websites. Caesars Online Casino Canada, for example, features a variety of IGT titles in its casino section. You can also find their demo games in the Games>> section of any site.

IGT pioneered numerous casino standards, including video poker and the EZ Pay ticket in/ticket out slot machine payment processing system. It is also known for its line of movie-themed slots, including Jurassic Park and Avatar.

Games created by Microgaming

Microgaming is responsible for some of the best online slots in the world. They were the first to develop a game that runs on a mobile device and continue to produce new titles each month. They are also known for their Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot, which pays out mind-boggling prizes to lucky players.

Their games range from simple video slots to complex titles with escalating bonuses and features. You can even play a movie-inspired slot based on Lara Croft or a game featuring the saga of Game of Thrones.